Is CBD the Secret to Youth Preservation?


Into the second month of the New Year, and just days after my 40th birthday, I am embracing the inevitable approach of middle age. As any milestone birthday will do, reflecting on the past and looking towards the future is just part of the experience. Through the looking glass, health and wellness have crept up boldly to the forefront of my mind.

So I’ll let you in on a secret. I am getting older! However, I feel much younger than I did a year ago and this is my theory as to why; CBD has become a daily part of my routine.

Last summer I tore my ACL. The injury presented the opportunity to access a revolving door of painkiller prescriptions for an undetermined amount of time. I chose strongly against that option, even against the recommendations of my doctors and physical therapists. Long term use of opioids was something I want to avoid in this life. This is what lead me to the use of marijuana and CBD as medicine. I wanted holistic pain management.


So I began researching cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) for pain, reading everything I could find, trying different products of various strengths and various methods of consumption. Smoking it, drinking it, using tinctures, a variety of edibles, different strength topicals and supplements. Through my experimentation I discovered the methods that work best for me, often combining a few, sometimes with or without THC. By accident, I ended up treating more than just pain (which I found CBD to be very effective for). I discovered that other ailments I had, either healed or found short or long term relief.

Six months post surgery, after daily CBD use, I can’t deny the improvements to my health.

  • I don’t get colds or sick as often as I use to.

  • My eczema seems to have disappeared and my skin has gotten much smoother and softer.

  • I am more relaxed. Living with generalized anxiety my entire life, this new sense being calm 90% of the time (improving from about 30%), is a huge relief! I’ve read many articles about how stress and anxiety can shorten one’s lifespan, so hopefully this new relaxed, “Me on CBD”, adds a few more years to my lifespan!

  • I have less back pain, which makes exercise easier and we all know the benefits of exercise!

  • I use to get occasional migraines but I’ve noticed even mild headaches are less frequent, and I haven’t had a single migraine since before my surgery.

  • CBD has helped calm my heartburn and indigestion, when needed.


CBD certainly isn’t stopping the grey hair from growing in, but the good news is that I really can’t deny, since I started using CBD and hemp products daily, I feel stronger and have found new comfort in my own body. I haven’t felt this great in years! I feel young again! Could it be possible that CBD is the secret to youth preservation?

After trying dozens of products, here are my top picks to make CBD part of your daily routine too:

  • Tinctures with higher concentrations of CBD, like those offered by CBDistillery. Their tinctures start at 250 mg and go up to 5000 mg of CBD per bottle. I found that tinctures offer fast and lasting relief, and that higher doses of CBD helped manage more severe pain. Lower doses have helped keep down the inflammation and offer relief to moderate pain during my healing process. A little THC amplified the effects of pain relief alongside the CBD.

  • For my face, I love the hemp infused Puff Puff Past Eye Cream and the Face Budder, both by Lovebud. Hemp is rich with omegas and antioxidants. The result; I haven’t felt this confident to go “all natural” in years! No makeup needed with this new found glow!

Stop by the Canna West Culture Shop located across the street from our dispensary to see what non-intoxicating CBD products are available to help with all your wellness needs. Or stop by on the weekends and take advantage of the Culture Shop’s CBD Sunday Sale with 20% off all CBD and hemp infused products or 30% off for purchases of three or more.