8 Strains to Spark Your Creativity


8 Strains to Spark Your Creativity

By: Canna Babe

Many creative types seek to enhance their artistic spirit through the means of cannabis. Reasons may vary from the need to touch on your inner eccentric alter ego, or to find the groove within yourself or with your artistic cronies. Maybe you seek mind expansion, craving to ignite your imagination and discover new depths within yourself that you never knew you could tap? Maybe you just have a deadline and have hit the wall with a lack of ideas?

Whatever the reason is, I get it. I’m one of those types. That’s why I’m sharing with you my experience with 8 strains that sparked their way into my forever “Top Picks for Creativity” list.  

First, let’s spotlight Canna Organix. From my hometown Sequim, WA, located on the Olympic Peninsula and resting in that secret “sweet spot” of warmer and drier weather known as the “Olympic Rain Shadow”, it’s location provides the perfect landscape for growing award winning marijuana. They’ve won the Dope Magazine Award “Best Outdoor/Greenhouse” in 2016 and 2017, and won in other categories for 2018. Their process is natural with no chemicals or pesticides. Here are three strains by Canna Organix that get my creative juices flowing.

I-95, Canna Organix

Love at first toke. This tasty indica dominant hybrid actually delivers a euphoric focus with full body flexibility. It’s fast hitting and awakens the mind before it settles right into your overall physical vibe. Fully relaxed, my mind loosely flowed through poetic details and a spectrum of imaginary colors.

Gelato, Canna Organix

I haven’t had the giggles creep up on me like that since high school. This spirited hybrid gave me a burst of feel oh-so-good energy, while my body relaxed into an easy go-with-the-flow manner. This sweet, potent little hybrid of hybrids is for the heavy hitters and is a favorite with the locals!

Wifi OG, Canna Organix

Why didn’t I try this sooner? Just two puffs and my mind was instantly firing off ideas in every direction. At first I thought it was going to become overwhelming, but I sat down in my music studio and didn’t leave for another 3 hours.

Creative Exploration


Tesla Tower by Lazy Bee

“Tesla Tower makes me tingly”. Now say that ten times as fast as you can. That’s exactly what happened. This 2018 DOPE Cup winner for "Best SunGrown Sativa Flower”, crept up from my toes, to my nose, ending with a friendly little smack in the face. My brain felt a dreamy fascination as every muscle in my body was calm and my mind tingled with youthful energy. This sativa hybrid peaked my imagination before leaping into new waves of consciousness.

Great White Shark by Bondi Farms

This fast hitting sativa has been a staple in my collection. With a fruity aroma and a nutty undertone, just like my favorite snacks, I’ve come to rely on this one. The cerebral buzz is both enlightening and invigorating. It’s a quality sativa that delivers sparkly body. The perfect anytime of day strain, GWS allows you to maintain focus throughout your heady high. Perfect for photographers, designers, sculptors and architects.

Purple Trainwreck by Virginia Company

Melting all stress completely away, my shoulders relaxed with one full deep breath and my mind instantly opened itself to new perspectives. This indica dominant strain has become a “go to” in my collection for creativity and varied pain relief.

Creative Sensitivity


If your a vocalist concerned about voice preservation, not big on smoking flower, or perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences smoking too much of the wrong stuff, vaping these two mild strains may be a good alternative.

Blue Dream CBD Pax Pod by Heylo

The Pax Era is my favorite little portable vaping device. It’s discrete modern design fits perfectly in the smallest of pockets. The Blue Dream CBD Pax pod by Heylo has become a reliable friend when I’m feeling stressed and creatively blocked. This perfectly balanced oil gives me control over my euphoria, absorbing the anti-anxiety medicinal benefits of the CBD while allowing me to enjoy the energy of a sativa without it becoming overwhelming. I guess you can say it loosens me up. Within minutes I’m overcome with a sense of calm, and the cerebral effects come on quickly, lifting my mood and spirit while maintaining a euphoric balance.

Cantina Sunset Sherbert by Leafwerx

Relatively new on the market, I’ve yet to learn the lineage of this tasty strain. The oil is light, with a subtle fruit flavor and floral aroma. The cerebral experience is uplifting and easy to focus, while my body is gently relaxed, with a soft tingle of fuzzy energy from head to toe. It’s lasting high changes my demeanor to exude new confidence and an overall good mood; wearing a smile on my face for its entire duration.

It’s time for a breakthrough. The door is open. Walk through it by visiting us at Canna West Seattle and we’ll set you up for your next creative endeavor!