Golfers, Lower Your Scores with CBD Gum!

Image Credit:  Jessieman

Image Credit: Jessieman

Millions of golf fans around the world rejoiced after Tiger Woods’ recent Masters’ win, which culminated a 10-plus year comeback from injuries and personal problems. Some, such as basketball’s greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, have called it the greatest comeback in sports history. One big question about Tiger’s win, however, lingers amongst the golfing set. What was up with the gum chewing, or more like chomping? Never before has golf’s GOAT been seen chomping on gum like he was during the Masters. The Twitterverse turned the chomping into a circus:

Tiger Gum 2.png

Since then Tiger has revealed that he was in fact chewing gum for dietary reasons, but typical to the golf professional set, that explanation to us amateurs ignored the real reason why he was on the gum train. It was most likely because, as scientific studies have proven, the act of chewing gum has a number of performance benefits, chief among them being its ability to eliminate the tension that is typical in competitive golf. It doesn’t matter whether a player is a pro or an amateur - the tension on the tee box on any given Sunday is real, and if the fix is as simple as chomping on some gum then gum sales should be spiking right about now.

In fact, one company that makes golf specific gum claims its sales have gone through the roof since Tiger’s big win. Golf Gum, which includes 80 mg of caffeine in addition to an unlisted amount of B Vitamins, is also sugar free. The company bills its gum as, “the perfect portable energy supplement for people who choose only the best for their body, mind, and golf game.”

The problem with Golf Gum, in my opinion, is that those golfers who watched Tiger chomp his way to the Masters’ title are not seeking an energy supplement. Rather, they are seeking the exact opposite - a relaxed and a calm mind. Caffeine is a killer from that perspective.

I thought, just based on the exaggerated chewing style, that Tiger was chomping on some Bubble Yum or Bubblelicious, rather than some golf-specific gum. Some have speculated that perhaps Tiger was chewing on some CBD gum?


Attention Golfers!

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CBD products are now legal on the PGA Tour, so for all we know, he may have been. To assume that Tiger is ignorant of CBD or even THC would be folly. The man is surrounded by the best experts in all fields of everything, every single day.


It would be a monumental message of the power of CBD to the rest of the world, not just the golf community. It would be the ultimate testimony to what many of us in the cannabis industry have been saying for years - it works! My team of golfers has done considerable testing in regards to performance enhancement for golfers on both the CBD and THC side.

Last year we tested five cannabis strains and analyzed each strain’s efficacy for golf, and then published a blog about it. We were just scratching the surface. This Spring we have turned up the heat by testing the following on the golf course and in competition:

  • 100% CBD (extract oil)

  • 75% CBD/25% THC (RSO distillate)

  • 50% CBD/50% THC

  • 100% THC

The results of these tests will be released in a separate blog post in June, but I can tell you today that the most effective solution for every single one of the golfers involved in the test was the 75% CBD/25% THC mix - a result of the entourage effect. It wasn’t even close. Talk about Nirvana.

Headed out for a match with your buddies at West Seattle Golf Course? Stop by your neighborhood pot shop, Canna West and its sister store across the street Canna Culture, on the way and outfit yourself with some CBD gum or a CBD edible, and a tasty pre-roll that you can puff throughout your round.

If you create the right mix (you don’t need to get crazy on the science considering these experiments are kind of fun), you will notice that once the CBD kicks in and interacts with the THC that you suddenly feel very different on the tee box. Your feet will become one with the ground. Your joints and muscles will feel loose. Your focus on the game will intensify from the THC, but most importantly all of your anxiety on the tee and on difficult shots will simply disappear.

I (almost) guarantee you will shoot your lowest round of the year that day.