Pot Shop Talks: The Flavor Maker & Weed Pizza

Doug McClure is the co-founder of Zeeks Pizza, and at Zeeks he is known simply as the, ‘flavor maker.’ So when he came to our neighborhood pot shop seeking advice on crafting a pot pizza, I took the bait and met him for a discussion over lunch.

Based on what I had heard of Doug, I had little doubt going into this meeting in his ability to come up with something that actually tastes good and gets you high. I wondered if he truly understood the waters he was about to wade into if, in fact, Zeeks was considering selling cannabis pizza.

In fact, that was my first question. Doug’s response was classic flavor maker.


“It’s not my job at Zeeks to make those types of decisions. I’m going to say no, that Zeeks is not considering this as a potential product today. What I am trying to do is craft something that carries all of the flavor power of a traditional pizza, but also gives the consumer of that pie a CBD or THC boost. I’m interested in exploring flavor, not playing politics. And I need you for a quick weed education.” 

So I explained to Doug how the process could work, which would involve using oils, specifically CBD extract and RSO. We discussed temperatures, infusions, applications and dosages. By the end of it all it was plainly obvious that Doug had a plan and that I had just empowered this flavor engineer to create something amazing.

I also learned why it was so important to him to create a tasty cannabis infused pizza. He wants to make something that his brother in law, who is receiving chemotherapy and would never smoke pot, might consume… and maybe even get the munchies and eat some more food!


“If it is something, such as a pure CBD pie, that can heal him without getting him high? Then I’ve accomplished my goal.”

Doug and a test subject during a recent pizza experiment.

Doug and a test subject during a recent pizza experiment.

Cheers to Doug and his quest to help others understand the power of cannabis, and especially CBD. If you have questions similar to his, please stop by Canna West Seattle for a consultation with one of our experts. 

We are here to help. 

And if you want to check out some of the flavor maker’s creations (I’d recommend the gluten-free Thai Veggie pie), stop by Zeeks in West Seattle, but only after a visit to our shop!