A Trip Planner for Stoner Dads at Disneyland


Guest post by Herb Green

Hey daddio, when was the last time you went to Disneyland? As a kid? Guess what? It’s so much cooler and crazier now! If you are fortunate enough to have the Magical Kingdom listed on your calendar for an upcoming family vacation and are a heathen, bud smoking father like me, I’d suggest reading further because there is no better place on this planet to be stoned than at Disneyland.

How’s it work?

Leave your bud at home. California is weed crazy. I mean, crazy. Getting it is simple. If you are staying on the Disneyland property you might want to catch an Uber to a nearby dispensary, that is if you don’t think your family will notice your absence. Good luck with that. If you are staying around the property, simply make a call to Bud Man and have them deliver it to your location. The prices are seriously cheap, considering the quality of the service. And the bud selection was legit.


Bud Man hooked me up even further — as a first time customer they gave me a free edible to go with my Fruity Pebbles herb. The edible was a 30 mg piece of chocolate, which is 20 mg more than my wife is used to (wink, wink). Either way, she was thankful for that gift.

They also brought me a pipe and a lighter! 30 minutes after making my call to order, one of Bud Man’s drivers met me in the hotel’s roundabout and we were done in 10 seconds. It was rad. So Cali, man.

Here’s the kicker - don’t bring that stuff into the park! Get baked in your hotel ahead of time, and then afterwards, if necessary. If you can’t handle a 10-12 hour break in between sessions, get help. If you get caught with weed in the park it could spell the end of your Disney adventures. Forever. Not to mention your marriage and your kid’s impression of you.

A couple of things:

  1. Don’t, whatever you do, it doesn’t matter what the FastPass says, miss hitting the Soarin’ ride upon entry into the California Adventure park. So awesome. You will thank me immediately afterwards.

  1. See above for the Star Tours ride in Disneyland proper. Just too much good going on there for me not to share.

Image credit:  cdooginz

Image credit: cdooginz

Wind down?

If your family is like mine, four full days in Disneyland is an obliteration of the senses. Afterwards, we needed to get away from the manufactured fun and smell the ocean. So we did what any cool family would do and headed down to Venice Beach the morning before catching our afternoon flight.

Brunch on the boardwalk was followed by big waves on a big beautiful beach, classic California sun in our eyes and sprinkles of real fairy dust all around. It’s Venice! On the way out from the beach I sampled some liquid THC and CBD from a sidewalk display, which put me in a nice nap mode the minute our flight for home departed.