Deeper Meditation Through Cannabis

By: Canna Babe


Whether you’re an expert in meditation or a novice looking to explore the practice, cannabis may enhance your experience by awakening the senses, increasing your inner focus and discovering a heightened level of awareness. After all, the intention of meditation is to find inner peace and calmness, to be present in the moment and to find a sense of fulfillment, inspiration and goodwill.

History shows that the practice of combining cannabis with meditation dates back at least 3000 years and once again, is making its comeback. Here are 5 strains I recommend to upgrade your meditation experience.

True OG by Plantworks

Smooth and fast acting stress relief, this strain is perfect for relaxing your body and mind. Skunky, with a fruity undertone, True OG eases you into a mellow but long lasting high. Surprisingly heady for an indica, your thoughts are active but calm and present, allowing you to breath easy and ruminate.

White Wreck by Mother Nature’s Own

This sativa dominant hybrid delivers a fast acting hit of cerebral rejuvenation with a deep heady high that leaps into an intense trance. Tension fades with this potent strain, providing a lasting high with full body relaxation, dreamy, bright visuals, and an uplifting spirit. You become present, in the moment and inspired.

Jesus by Dawg Star

This heavy hitter is for the more experienced cannabis users. Its potency commands deep meditation, elevating your spirit and offers a near outer body experience with energetic clarity peeking through like tunnel vision. This strain guides you to explore beyond your boundaries. In fact, you may enjoy an epiphany or two during your meditational adventure.

Lemon Creamsicle by Freddy Fuego

An instant weight off your shoulders, this meditative high gently balances itself between your body and mind, lifting your mood while delivering an overall sense of calmness. High potency with euphoric ataraxia, you are able to gently escape beyond your spiritual boundaries; relaxing, inspired and peaceful.

Sky Master by Washington Bud Company

This hybrid gives you a surge of cerebral energy with tamable intensity as your body falls into gratifying alleviation. It warms over the body and gives your mind a creative focus, enriching your mood and removing any blocks hindering inner peace.

Visit Canna West Seattle before your next meditation and let our budtenders guide you on your path to discover deeper fulfillment.