Survive the Holidays Canna Style


By: Canna Babe

The holiday season is back and in full swing! Every store is playing holiday music as you steer your way through crowds of people stampeding to be the first to shop on Black Friday. For some of you, invitations to holiday parties are starting to populate the calendar. This may include that mandatory work holiday party where your colleague “Frank” will again this year, tell you about his dog Lucy who died (20 year ago) in a fatal hit & run, sobbing on your shoulder before dancing inappropriately with the college interns.

And if it isn’t holiday parties, it’s your in-laws calling to discuss the holiday menu with strict guidelines on how you need to prepare your side dishes. Or trying to plan for an extended stay from your distant cousins (including that really creepy one) that were never really invited.

Whatever it is, the holidays can be overwhelming and may be more tolerable with the assistance of cannabis. Here is your guide to surviving the holiday season Canna style.

Shopping in Large Crowds

It’s Black Friday and after circling the parking lot at the mall for 20 minutes, you’ve finally found a spot 6 blocks from the mall entrance. As you near the building you feel yourself approaching with caution, taking a deep breath to brace yourself for the overwhelming crowds, lights, a variety of music and sounds coming from all directions; the overstimulation is similar to water about to boil.

Instead of braving the anxiety, try a Spot Dark Chocolate Indica CBD infused edible. Eat it just after you park your car and within the hour, you should feel a full relaxation envelop your body. Visit a barista and get yourself that seasonal pumpkin spiced latte and you’ll be set for a good 2-3 hours of care free, stress free shopping. If you have a full day planned, keep an extra chocolate with you for round two. Black Friday will never be so easy!

Corporate Work Party

You know how these go. Everyone tries to maintain some level of professionalism, but ends up drinking one too many glasses of bubbles, and engaging in awkward encounters everyone avoids discussing next Monday at the office. You can’t go in smelling like pot, because you don’t want your boss to know that your success is based on the fact you’re a total stoner. Instead, you arm yourself with a vape pen and an oil with a light floral scent, easy burn, and full potency. Some oils you should consider is Strawberry Cough, Trainwreck or Chocolope. All these are delicious, mood enhancing with a burst of euphoric energy and may leave a permanent smile on your face for hours! Casually cool, you’ll be the life of the party!

Dinner with the Extended Family

Two possible scenarios here; One is you have a wonderful family and everyone is cannabis friendly and happy to be drinking and eating together. Awesome! What I recommend is Bud Co. Pre Roll Party Pack. There’s enough for the whole family to have one, two or three! It enlightens the conversation, lifts everyone’s mood, and delivers a good vibe that lasts all night long. Or come armed with a pack of Craft Elixir’s Pioneer Squares Fruit Chews. The Dutch Treat or Blueberry Headband infused fruit chews will be the perfect hybrids to maintain a good social buzz while fighting back the tryptophan taking over your bloodstream.

If your on the other side of the lawn (where the grass isn’t greener), and you’ve been experiencing anxiety about visiting your family for the holidays since August, you may need to come prepared with something a little more potent , that delivers full stress relief. Bring your vape pen armed with a Granddaddy Purple cartridge. This heavy indica will keep you so mellow that any unwanted conversations will roll right off your shoulders and after dinner, you’ll take a nice long deep sleepy nap on the couch, avoiding any conversation for the rest of the night. Time will pass quickly and you’ll find you have survived the night with surprising ease.

Friends, Friends and More Friends

You like spending time with your friends on the holidays and enjoy their get togethers, however sometimes you prefer more of that one on one time with friends. Large parties may give you a bit of anxiety, meeting new people and striking up conversations. If you need something that’s relaxes that anxiety, but gives you a sustaining energetic and social high, then I recommend a CBD 1:1 Caramel from CPC. This delicious, classic caramel, with solid potency, will ease any social tension. Also, come armed with the Trail Blazin Pure Power Plant pre roll to share with your friends. Uplifting spirit, good laughs and a good time are guaranteed!

Visit Canna West Seattle on Black Friday, prior to your trip to the mall, to get yourself set up Canna style for the holiday.