Tinctures, Terps and Edibles: Wellness for Cold and Flu Season


By: Canna Babe

We may have had a good run of sunny days, but make no mistake, we’re now in the middle of fall season, which means we’re also getting deep into cold and flu season. Feeling a little uneasy with your co-workers sneezing, coughing or coming to work looking quite peaked? Flu shot advertisements everywhere? Are you notorious for getting sick this time of year? Here are some options to possibly relieve your symptoms.

Headaches and Migraines

This common head assault seems to become more frequent during cold and flu season. Debilitating, exhausting and bringing your life to an aggressive halt, being prepared to catch this early on, is key! My trick is always having some Blueberry Headband accessible. I had read it helps with headaches, and as someone who gets headaches frequently, had to try it to believe it….. And it really works for me!! Plus the euphoria is uplifting, enlightening with a light lift of energy.

Either flower or vape will do, but what I keep in my purse at all times, is the Pioneer Squares Pink Lemonade Fruit Chew. It’s currently made with the Blueberry Headband strain, and this sweet bite is my perfect little treat! Within 30 minutes, it kicks in and that tension rolling over my forehead relaxes, and settles into a calming smile. I really couldn’t ask for more relief!


Nausea and Vomiting

The worst of symptoms is nausea and vomiting. Can’t eat, stomach pains, feeling bloated, hungry, and weak all at the same time; vomiting with nothing to come up. Brutal! What’s even worse, is being that sick and not being able to lay in bed all day. My trick to keep moving, despite feeling like death and looking like hot garbage, is Durban Poison. This powerful sativa strain gives me a huge burst energy while providing immediate relief from nausea and even migraigns.

DP is usually high in the terpenes, which depending on its form of production & consumption, may also aid in a variety of symptom relief.

For the more experienced cannabis consumer, go for a dab of DP. There’s that saying “ a spoonful of sugar”. For me it was instant relief! And life changing euphoria!


Water, tea, soup. All great, but still not getting the relief you need? Wildside CBD Mango Tropical Storm beverage is my go to helper. It’s packed with electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins with zero grams of fat and only 80 calories! It’s so delicious, refreshing and most of all easy on my stomach if I’m experiencing any nausea too. I start to feel better within hours.



Sleep, the most essential ingredient to overall wellness. While it may be what you most desire while feeling so under the weather, being sick can also prevent you from getting quality rest.

As a night owl and light sleeper, getting proper rest can prove to be a serious challenge.  I have found my remedy to be the Green Revolution Beauty Sleep Tincture. It has a combination of THC, CBD and CBN.

CBN (cannabinol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in some marijuana plants that research has shown to be an effective sleep aid.

1-2 doses provides me with a very deep, restful sleep, without feeling overly drowsy when I awake. It’s been a game changer.

Come down to Canna West Seattle to view our inventory of “chronic” relief options. Also note that our medical consultants and budtenders may be able to recommend additional options.