Customer Spotlight: Canna feels like a local coffee shop.


By: C.L. Sawyer

This week, I sat down with one of our regular customers, Connor Cosgrove, and asked him why he thinks Canna is great. Connor, btw, is studying computer science when he’s not playing video games or looking for the next best Seattle walking trail and has been frequenting Canna since 2016.

Connor has Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, both of which can cause debilitating anxiety. Connor claims he uses cannabis recreationally, but also benefits from the calming effects of the plant when he is affected by nightmares, shakiness and restlessness.

He moved to the West Seattle area a few years ago, and after his first experience at Canna says he didn’t find feel the need to seek out any other dispensaries. According to Connor, the intimacy of the shop and customer focus really drives his loyalty.

It’s dope that [the budtenders] aren’t on their phones when you come in.”

I asked Connor what made him passionate enough about Canna to take time out of his day and sit with me. He focused primarily on our staff, saying he never comes “in and out” of the store, but always ends up having a personal chat with a budtender. After two years of frequenting Canna, Connor says that even new staff members seem to subscribe to the same level of personal connection. Moreover, he appreciates that the Canna staff recognizes him and knows his name.

“There are shops that feel like Starbucks.” Connor says, “Canna feels like a local coffee shop.”

In our store, Connor says he doesn’t feel rushed into decisions. He likes talking to budtenders who know and understand the product he is interested in, and can make personalized recommendations.

“That way,” Connor observed, “I can learn new things.”

I asked Connor what sets Canna apart from other dispensaries in the area.

First of all - no bouncers.”

Connor described how bouncers - the folks who sit by the front door of dispensaries, asking for identification - can be a “miserable introduction” to a customer’s experience in a store. Secondly, he mentioned our hours: We’re the only store open 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. seven days a week in West Seattle.

“It’s convenient for me,” he says. “I’m sort of a night owl.”

Connor lamented other dispensary experiences he’s had. He said that during busy times lines are drawn, people are grumpy and by the time you get to talk to a budtender they’re not interested in knowing your needs, but in keeping the line moving.

“That’s not how I make decisions,” Connor says, “I go into a store with people to deal with people.”

When asked how Canna could work to improve his experience, Connor had a hard time coming up with anything. He did say it can get a bit busy at times, but the wait is never longer than a few minutes.  Our budtenders like - Amir Nazem, who won Dope Industry’s Best Male Budtender of the Year in 2017 - have sealed the deal for him in terms of service.

“Whenever I have a guest who smokes weed in town, I take them to Canna.”