Spice Up Date Night! Lubricants, Oils & Aphrodisiacs


By: Canna Babe

Planning for date night can be tricky for some. Between busy schedules, children, careers or all the extras that life offers,  planning a night out with your partner can prove challenging. Once you’ve officially put a “date night” on the calendar, it’s important to make that time count.

So why not get high together? There’s plenty of research and various articles online that will tell you cannabis may help couples create a closer emotional bond and enhance their sexual experiences.


If your single and active in the dating scene, marijuana may help you get past that initial social anxiety that comes along with meeting someone new. Connecting on a deeper level by encouraging honesty and acceptance, may ease away any self-consciousness and help you feel secure to just be yourself.

The truth is, marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac in many cultures for thousands of years. Indian Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbi cultures used cannabis to increase libido, treat impotence and other various ailments. The ancient Hindu-Buddhist tradition known as Tantra sometimes included marijuana too. In fact, Tantra cannabis rituals date back as far as 700 AD!

This old news is good news for you. So let’s start planning your date night!


Classic Dinner and a Movie

You’re on your way for a classic night out.  It’s been a long day, you’re tired, stressed from work and you need a little more energy to get you through the night. You’re in desperate need of a mood change. A few tokes of Sour Diesel will do the trick. This classic sativa hybrid is fast acting, instantly awakening the senses and melting all stress away. It’s potent and uplifting effects boost energy with a cerebral buzz that entices intriguing and entertaining conversations. An added bonus is that SD has been known to contain higher levels of the terpenes humulene and limonene, which both may help suppress appetite. No crazy munchies, which means you’ll take home leftovers from your favorite restaurant and stay awake through the movie.

Most importantly, you won’t feel too full or tired for those late night acrobatics you two love birds are looking forward to. Sour Diesel is also great for outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, swimming and more (wink, wink).


Music! Dancing! Kissing!

For any post dinner get together, kick the night off with a craft cocktail at your favorite watering hole. Spike it with one dose of your favorite 1:1 CBD/THC tincture. Once you feel the buzz creeping in, hop a cab up to that hot spot on the hill where the DJ spins vinyl late night.

Just before heading out to the club, break out a pre-roll of Black Cherry Soda. This arousing hybrid settles over your body with a warm invigoration from head-to-toe. Bring those bodies close together and move along to the beat, and before you know it, you’ll be dancing together like a scene out of Dirty Dancing! At least it will seem that way at the time! Follow that good mood all the way home and that goodnight kiss may feel so perfect that you’ll want to make it last until the morning.

Black Cherry Soda is also great for cooking dinner together, or unpacking and christening your new apartment.


Sexy Time

For those couples looking for the ultimate steamy evening, this little recipe will be a night to remember.

Turn on your favorite music and draw a hot bath, adding some THC bath salts with soothing lavender. Then eat a single serving of a Passion Fruit Chew by American Baked Co. together, let it take effect and then just take your time in the bath. The THC salts will tingle through your skin and creep up with a mild euphoria, relaxing your mood, muscles and softening the skin. The salts combined with the heat will almost make you feel slightly drunk as that fruit chew eases its way into your sacral chakra. Inspiring your imagination, your motivation for sex will increase eagerly.

Follow that buzz into the bedroom, lay back and explore each other with the aid of some THC personal lubricant or oil. The intensity of your passion receptors may surprise you, creating a closer, uninhibited bond between you and your lover, that’s also long lasting. Energizing every muscle, this enduring sensation will crescendo into one amazing night to remember!

Now that I’ve got your attention, have I peaked your curiosity? Don’t be shy. We aren’t. Visit Canna West Seattle and ask your budtender for recommendations on aphrodisiacs, THC infused lubricants, oils and more. Or just mention this blog post if you want to keep things on the down low.